Michael Brecker Typical Phrase List


High speed Rising Up to Altissimo

With high speed, MB used to play rising up note to altissimo range.
To pronounce altissimo smoothly, it's better to change reed contact point on lower lip. Oh, not so easy !

Beginning of solo on carnival (Neil Larsen -- Through any windows). Typical starting blow
ニールラーセンのThrouth any windowsのCarnivalから。ソロ開始部分の文字通り一撃。

From the ntro of I'm sorry.(Blue Montreux) Rising up from bottom C(D in Bb) to highest not in altissimo, straighly.
I'm sorryのイントロの中から。低音C(Bb譜ではD)からフラジオ最高域まで一気に駆け上っていきます。

Also from I'm sorry. G-altered 7th in G7.
これもI'm Sorryから。 G7におけるGオルタード7thスケール。

From Solo of Half Moon Lane (Pilgrimage) This phrase is consisted in continuous altissimo with very difficult fingering.
PilgriageのHalf Moon Laneのソロでの駆け上がり。 かなり難しいフィンガリングです。


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