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Brecker Bros.-- Don't Stop The Music(1977)

Last number of album "Don't Stop The Music".
Solo is played on a single chord Fm7 (on Bb key, Gm7)
MB solo begins on tempo around 140. However, at the end of solo, tempo runs about 160.
Who accerated the tempo ?
MB definetly does. but I guess Lenny White (Ds.) rushes back !?
Although a studio recording, a dramatic play with presence is performed.
At the final part of solo, MB shouts altissimo Eb ( F on Bb key).

"Don't Stop The Music"のB面最後の快速ナンバー。
ソロの出だしは ♩ = 140 程度で入っていますが、ラスト近くでは ♩ = 160 近くの速度違反で走っています。仕掛けたのはマイケルですが、バックも煽り返しています。何せドラムはレニーホワイトのようですから。スタジオ録音にもかかわらず、ライブ感たっぷり。