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The Brecker Brothers -- 1981 Straphangin'

The most difficult solo in Straphangin'-- last album of 1st half Brecker Bros.
Anyway, high speed !
In "Steps" live album, MB plays this tune on a little bit moderate speed.
Key is on Db and is changed to C (B and Bb on concert tune).
The phrases in this solo require very tough fingering -- almost sports training.
I play this solo with irregular fingering, product of my optimization --- I'm not sure this is as MB, however, take a look if you try this challenging

(A) is a typical MB style sequential phrase including double same note.
Bb (Ab on C.T.) doble note is played by alternate fingering. However, following C-D (Bb-C) is hard action.
Maybe MB plays in a regular fingering. Whereas I have no choice but to use side-C for catching the speed.

(B) starts with alternated E (D on C.T.). requires accurate finger action.
I believe E is the fingering with front-F. Does MB agree ?

(C) is a pretty long phrase, including arpeggio with annoying Bb (Ab on C.T.)
For getting clear tone, Bb with right hand fingering should be avoided.
But, on this phrase, side-A# key fingering is absolutely tough ! -- Even if MB plays without effort.
So, I tried to ease --- right finger.
Red arrow note is made with dummy fingering, regarding the continuous finger work.

Sequential phrase with C (Bb on C.T.)

Fingering on red brecket :

Start From Alternate E (D on C.T.)

Fingering on red brecket :


Fingering in first 2 bars :


AはMBお得意のオルタネート+シーケンスの一種ですが、あまり他では出ないフレーズです。C(C.T.=Bb)を普通のフィンガリングにすると私はこのスピードについていけません。そこで、Side-C を使って何とかしのいでいます。。