Soul Intro / The Chicken

Jaco Pastrious -- Birthday Concert

Known as a tune for the jam session.
This track has the credit of 2 great tenor : Bob Mintzer and MB .
Because 2 tenors stereo position is near, it is difficult to distinguish them.
Maybe it is MB who plays obbligado at intro, --- any way I transcribed.
In this tune, 2 choruses are given for every solo player in general.
Bob, who is a regular member of the Jaco band, plays first solo -- naturally in 2 choruses. So great !
After Bob, MB starts solo.
He heaps up gradualy and at the end of 2nd chorus, audience must be ready for an applause.
But, MB does NOT stop.
He continues solo until the end of 3rd chorus !
'Oops'--- I don't know if MB moans.
Anyway, MB does not finish his solo until the end of 3rd chorus.
So, next soloist (trumpet) cannot find the start timing.
He must be judge whether MB continues or not.
As the result, 4th chorus was played only by back playing, giving a Karaoke chorus.
For breaking the stuck condition, trumpet begins solo earlier than 4 bars.
But this interrupts the head fill-in of drum (Peter Arskin).
The influence is renained further, until the last theme, that is timidly started because no one is sure about the correct timing.
A very rare MB's error (maybe) causes a long tail.
Anyway, MB solo was great -- especially during the 3rd chorus -- a power play.

このトラックではBob MintzerとMBという当世を代表するテナーがクレジットされています。
結局3コーラス目もMBのソロ続いています。 MBも「いけね」と思ったのかもしれません、3コーラス目は力押しのフレーズ満載となっています。
その後、無音状態に耐えきれずラッパが4小節分早めにソロを始めます。この影響でドラム(Peter Arskin)はコーラス最初のフィルインが不発となり、さらには最後のテーマに戻るタイミングも一同顔を見合わせながら、というありさまで後を引いています。 何とも罪深いソロでした。

[Soul Intro]

With Jaco's bass ( on Bb, bass is in C, however, chords are in Bb)
[The Chicken]